A Burst of Exposure

10 Likes and I’m surprised. Thank you, everyone. 5/6 alone for the Photo Challenge post. Not a lot, but more than I expected.

Enough of that and more Tycoon games. Love them. Some of my most memorable games of all time are Tycoon Games. Rollercoaster Tycoon (2) is just brilliant, and the smaller Lemonade Tycoon is quite fun also. There’s plenty of others I haven’t played, though the ones I have I’ve enjoyed.

Only recently I’ve seen a large amount of Game Dev Tycoon. Very cool. (Y) The concept is brilliant and their anti-piracy approach is very clever. I think more games should incorporate it. However, the only disappoint for me was the shortness of the game. I mean, 35 years of the industry is plenty, but that only equates to roughly 10 hours of actual gameplay. Still, it’s great game and you can continue on without new breakthroughs. 😀

Yes, games are great.