Music To The Ears, Literally

It’s interesting what sounds appealing to the ear. Whether it’s bacon cooking, or someone punching a car door in, something about it sticks with you and often gives you a chill.

A song titled ‘No Future’ by UK artist ‘Shackles’ I listened to today, and something about the opera vocals sticks in your head for hours. Related to both of these, the bass frequency range (typically 110Hz or less) has what I can only describe as warm, deep, phat, chest-caving, and so on. Good timez, sweg, etc.

On the topic of music, I wish to produce some again. I have done so 9 years ago, but I just mixed prerecorded samples together. Following that was shitty FL Studio disasters. What genre you (don’t) ask? I’m hoping for IDM/Drum and Bass/Dubstep (original don 2008/09 shiz, no brostep)/Brostep (elements of) and some heavy elements that Deathcore presents.

What I want to get out of it is a really raw feeling where you just want to punch and roundhouse kick randoms in a moshpit-like brutal zone. Almost how some/most ‘Death Grips’ songs make you feel. THAT is raw, like ‘Come Up And Get Me’ and ‘Guillotine’.

In all good time. Stumbled across this by mistake? Then state your genres of choice. (Y)


Remember Me, Damn It

Ironically, this post is far from being punctual. My aim for this blog was to post at least once daily. Yup, f-d it from the start and it’s only the 2nd day. What a douche…

I have no particular agenda, so let’s open with a funny thought. Biting into food and it screams a horrifying tone of suffering. That’s funny, because it’s unexpected. It’s like jamming a stick in the spokes of a moving bike, or toddlers tripping over (no, not hurting themselves from it. I’m not that sadistic), but you understand where I’m coming from.

Dad jokes, however, ARE expected as soon as the freakin’ mouth opens, so you know it’ll be very dry, and I’m not talking about the woman that’s sleeping with him after he’s said it.
For example, ‘Biting into food and it screams a horrifying tone of suffering’ would be followed with “well cannibals shouldn’t have sushi then, hueh hueh…” Haha… *socks in face*

Interestingly, a particular sort of juxtaposition humour, if that’s technically what it’s called, is one of my favourite genres of comedy. Please, have listen at joke I say, yes?

So I’m on a bus from down south and these derelicts are pumping tinny, 96kbps rap through their flip Motorola. Not long later, a verbal dispute occurs due to the “yeah, sorry mate, but I f-d ya mum” poetry that’s interrupting everyone’s inner apocalyptic thoughts. “Hey, mate! How ’bout you turn that shit off?” The dropkick then yells “‘ey, brew. Come here and try me, bruz. Ya mum did.” *ongoing profanities and stoner laughter*
The other guy has nothing of it and starts laying into this tool, but has no sign of stopping. Everyone then starts screaming and yell to the bus driver to stop, but he continues on. After sometime, people are crying and the derelict is a bloody pulp. The bus driver is finally arrested.

See? Unexpected AND funny! Ah, comedy…

No Idea What I’m Doing

Well this is the first of many blog posts to come. I’ve never really done this and have wanted to for some time now. What it will be about, I’m not 100% but it will be something.

I wanted to start this on the day if my birthday (a ‘momentous’ one), however it totally slipped my mind and what a better way to start this uninteresting blog than on New Year’s Day itself. On that note, Happy New Year!

Now this post is a little rushed as time is ticking before the 2nd and the last hour and a half was spent struggling with this phone and Wi-Fi connectivity that wants me to suffer, so this has become more of an introductory post. Rest assured, the following ones will have more depth and appeal covering whatever is posted.

What does the blog name even mean? Sounds as if you were dropped on the head as a child.

I wish I knew. Being low on ideas leads to bad things. There is a double meaning attempt with it which I’ll explain another time, though your comment has been debated numerous times…by relatives also.

You do realise no one will read this, right?

I know I won’t be reading it.

I’m 12 years old and what is this?

(Y)our worst nightmare.