Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Open to interpretation, so here’s mine and I’ll attempt to convince it’s about a window, or windows.

This was taken during a walk on the 7th in the late afternoon. This was only taken on my phone camera, but it’s convenient. If it isn’t clear, this is below a bridge of a road. I mildly attempted to frame the photo with the pillars.


Maybe one can imagine it as a frame of a window into what lies ahead. Of course travelling on the road matches the meaning better, but the hidden message being that it’s the foundation that allows to progress ahead, which is often hidden.

Yeah, let’s go with that. Tada. Now I gotta work out the Writing Challenge…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning (The Ending of Something Else)

So The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge as you may already know is to post our interpretation of beginning. I’ll do this for the sake of having something to paste, but it’s also a bit of fun.

My beginning photo is quite easy. 1st January, 2014. New Year and the start of this WordPress blog. Very fitting. The photos are of fireworks when the countdown ended.



Very purty. 15 minutes of fireworks and they weren’t too shabby either. As I said, I planned to commence the blog from my birthday, but New Year’s Day works perhaps better.

Aside to this beginning theme, my humour is present at all times. 😛

America’s Hardest Prisons was on and a large note was discovered, torn to pieces. The guards simply began arranging the pieces.

Idiots. Don’t they know to eat it? Eat it or get it wet.

Not long did a

that’s what she said

emerge. Funny. I think that wraps this post up nicely. (Y)