Music To The Ears, Literally

It’s interesting what sounds appealing to the ear. Whether it’s bacon cooking, or someone punching a car door in, something about it sticks with you and often gives you a chill.

A song titled ‘No Future’ by UK artist ‘Shackles’ I listened to today, and something about the opera vocals sticks in your head for hours. Related to both of these, the bass frequency range (typically 110Hz or less) has what I can only describe as warm, deep, phat, chest-caving, and so on. Good timez, sweg, etc.

On the topic of music, I wish to produce some again. I have done so 9 years ago, but I just mixed prerecorded samples together. Following that was shitty FL Studio disasters. What genre you (don’t) ask? I’m hoping for IDM/Drum and Bass/Dubstep (original don 2008/09 shiz, no brostep)/Brostep (elements of) and some heavy elements that Deathcore presents.

What I want to get out of it is a really raw feeling where you just want to punch and roundhouse kick randoms in a moshpit-like brutal zone. Almost how some/most ‘Death Grips’ songs make you feel. THAT is raw, like ‘Come Up And Get Me’ and ‘Guillotine’.

In all good time. Stumbled across this by mistake? Then state your genres of choice. (Y)