Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Open to interpretation, so here’s mine and I’ll attempt to convince it’s about a window, or windows.

This was taken during a walk on the 7th in the late afternoon. This was only taken on my phone camera, but it’s convenient. If it isn’t clear, this is below a bridge of a road. I mildly attempted to frame the photo with the pillars.


Maybe one can imagine it as a frame of a window into what lies ahead. Of course travelling on the road matches the meaning better, but the hidden message being that it’s the foundation that allows to progress ahead, which is often hidden.

Yeah, let’s go with that. Tada. Now I gotta work out the Writing Challenge…


Meaning Of ‘Grit Through the Teeth’

Many, meaning none, of you may have wondered the reason behind the name decision.

It actually took me quite a while to decide on it when I decided to create this blog. That, and the user name were tricky to be happy with. Literally I was struggling for a while.

It was unique, I guess, because I doubt anyone would choose that name. It’s not bbygrl58008618 or slttyprncss1999, so that’s one thing.

At the time, it was on my mind because I’d imagined grittercore would be…

To be continued…

P.S. Grit = Rocks = Rocky


Dat segue.

P.P.S. Late Weekly Writing Challenge. 😦

Assorted Jokes That I Just Made Up Now

Jokes. Joe Chxs.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Peer pressure. He’s now dead.

I should note the use of the word chicken. *pats self on back*

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Europe who?

*breaks down crying*

Yeah, fecal matter is unfunny and not nice to be referred to.

A cat walks into a room and asks “What up dog?”

Ha, pet puns.

Seriously, I’m funnier on the go. Please believe me.

Make Food, Not War

Ah, again I’ve left it later than I meant to, being not at all. Perhaps I need to focus more or plan ahead of time.


Good idea, Old El Paso girl.

Speaking of which, I love food. Not because it keeps me alive, though that does help, but the magic that occurs in the mouth and the satisfaction of the stomach after a delicious, filling meal. Best thing of all, I dislike very little food, so I’m quite receptive to trying new foods. I haven’t done this enough, but I have increased this in recent times.

Honestly, I wish I was a VIP of food. By that, I mean with a wave of a card, I’d have free food at my disposal. Garbage disposal that is my mouth. All you can eat. What often kills me is having all you can eat with an appetite much greater than my stupid stomach can handle. On two particular occasions have I endured this pain and sobbed. A 12 course meal ended at #4 at a Chinese place. I would’ve stayed longer just to continue… Another at a general all you can eat. It became an all you can cry.

My metabolism is what stumps people. I eat quite a bit, but my BMI is only 20 or so. Doesn’t bother me. What does is having to eat something now. 😛

Something Else, Just To Fill The Gaps

Hello to all. This is poor form to plan this post as unplanned, but that’s essentially what every previous post has been until I have the page up. That way, you know the material is real. Particularly due to the fact that you’re reading it.

To continue from ‘filling the gaps’, I’ll be putting up my post for the Weekly Writing Challenge of ‘Cliffhanger’ soon. Perhaps 12 hours or so after this post, which is set to a 12 hour delay itself, so I can catch up on my ‘one post per day’ motive. If you are not already aware, I just gave you a clue to the answer, conclusion, aftermath, or something.

Really, I had very little for the challenge until the spirit of the moment, I thought I’d do what I’m going to do. Already in my head it’s not very exciting and I bet plenty of posters already have Grade A material. My post will be the one the teacher puts up on the board and asks “…what the f- is this? No seriously, please enlighten us on where to find your supplier.”

Nonetheless, I’ll participate for the sake of it. It’s kind of cool in a way, but I would’ve done something more extravagant if I had better prepared. Well that should be it. This ended being an introduction into the Writing Challenge. The challenge for me is blocking out the boos and swatting at urine-covered stones thrown at me.

Crap. It Happened Again…

Well of course I slipped up in maintaining my self-motivated “one post per day” goal I aimed for. Instead, I kind of let it slide and thought I’d make up for it with the next few days containing double posts (sometime apart from each other). I like this paragraph because it appears I’m under the illusion people are likely to read it. Haha. *pats self on back; dislocates shoulder*

Things are relatively quiet. The new year is somewhat uneventful, for me at least, so far, though soon enough things will be picking up. Picking up jokes off the top of my head? Okay.

So a woman is sitting at a bar and a male sitting nearby gets her attention.

“Hey, good looking. Mind if I buy you a drink? That way, I might be on the way to looking attractive in your eyes.” *pityful smile*

Unfortunately, the male has to decline the offer as he has a girlfriend.

Yeah, image issues aren’t funny. Blame society I say. Let’s see if I can I can come up with another.

On the sidewalk of a busy street, a male exits a cafe quickly disregarding the flow of traffic, knocking himself into a woman.

“Oh I’m so sorry. Although, angels must endure more pain when they fall from heaven. Am I right?” *sleazy look*

The male is heavily sedated, muttering these words to the attending male nurse. The woman was in a car.

Eugh, lame. Enough from me. Please don’t use those pickup lines. Please.

CES Gadget Roundup: Day Zero

This is amazing.


It’s tough to numerically pinpoint which days of CES are which. If you’re in the tech media, Monday’s really the first full day of CES, but you show up on Sunday (or earlier) because there are a few things on Sunday; if you’re a tradesperson, Tuesday’s really the first full day of CES. Actually, Tuesday is the first official day of CES, seeing that the show this year runs from January 7 to January 10. January 7 is the first day the show floor is open.

A lot of stuff happens before the show floor opens, though, and Monday is the first full day that a bunch of stuff is officially scheduled starting first thing in the morning and stretching well into the night. In that spirit, I’ll refer to Sunday as Day Zero and you can wonder why you just read two entire paragraphs worth of nonsense.


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A Burst of Exposure

10 Likes and I’m surprised. Thank you, everyone. 5/6 alone for the Photo Challenge post. Not a lot, but more than I expected.

Enough of that and more Tycoon games. Love them. Some of my most memorable games of all time are Tycoon Games. Rollercoaster Tycoon (2) is just brilliant, and the smaller Lemonade Tycoon is quite fun also. There’s plenty of others I haven’t played, though the ones I have I’ve enjoyed.

Only recently I’ve seen a large amount of Game Dev Tycoon. Very cool. (Y) The concept is brilliant and their anti-piracy approach is very clever. I think more games should incorporate it. However, the only disappoint for me was the shortness of the game. I mean, 35 years of the industry is plenty, but that only equates to roughly 10 hours of actual gameplay. Still, it’s great game and you can continue on without new breakthroughs. 😀

Yes, games are great.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning (The Ending of Something Else)

So The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge as you may already know is to post our interpretation of beginning. I’ll do this for the sake of having something to paste, but it’s also a bit of fun.

My beginning photo is quite easy. 1st January, 2014. New Year and the start of this WordPress blog. Very fitting. The photos are of fireworks when the countdown ended.



Very purty. 15 minutes of fireworks and they weren’t too shabby either. As I said, I planned to commence the blog from my birthday, but New Year’s Day works perhaps better.

Aside to this beginning theme, my humour is present at all times. 😛

America’s Hardest Prisons was on and a large note was discovered, torn to pieces. The guards simply began arranging the pieces.

Idiots. Don’t they know to eat it? Eat it or get it wet.

Not long did a

that’s what she said

emerge. Funny. I think that wraps this post up nicely. (Y)

All Outta Ideas & Discovery

I did it again. Late once more. I hoped to have one post per day but yesterday I kinda shrugged it off. Not that I didn’t want to, just yeah…

So yeah, I got nothin’. So let’s discuss coming up with ideas, then. I quite enjoy computer programming, but I haven’t managed to do any recently due to time restrictions. As part of a project I did with a group of friends, we designed an Android app – the first of mobile design I’ve done. I like it. There’s a sort of thrill when you stand back and look at what you’ve created and think to yourself, “…whyyy does this exist. What a freakin’ disaster.” All too many times has that happened.

*insert pictures here*

But in all seriousness, it’s great to learn and I recommend learning it if you haven’t done so already. If you have, don’t ditch it. Keep it up, otherwise King will rule the world with its Saga series. That is:


Heh, that’s so lame. I’ll speak more of this later.

Oh, on a much more important note, my ramblings have been viewed, and even LIKED! Yeesh. I haven’t promoted this blog, or any of the posts. I wanted it to be that way, so word of mouth or accidental discovery is how my BS is found and hated.

But, thank you to those three people. 😀