Make Food, Not War

Ah, again I’ve left it later than I meant to, being not at all. Perhaps I need to focus more or plan ahead of time.


Good idea, Old El Paso girl.

Speaking of which, I love food. Not because it keeps me alive, though that does help, but the magic that occurs in the mouth and the satisfaction of the stomach after a delicious, filling meal. Best thing of all, I dislike very little food, so I’m quite receptive to trying new foods. I haven’t done this enough, but I have increased this in recent times.

Honestly, I wish I was a VIP of food. By that, I mean with a wave of a card, I’d have free food at my disposal. Garbage disposal that is my mouth. All you can eat. What often kills me is having all you can eat with an appetite much greater than my stupid stomach can handle. On two particular occasions have I endured this pain and sobbed. A 12 course meal ended at #4 at a Chinese place. I would’ve stayed longer just to continue… Another at a general all you can eat. It became an all you can cry.

My metabolism is what stumps people. I eat quite a bit, but my BMI is only 20 or so. Doesn’t bother me. What does is having to eat something now. 😛


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