Something Else, Just To Fill The Gaps

Hello to all. This is poor form to plan this post as unplanned, but that’s essentially what every previous post has been until I have the page up. That way, you know the material is real. Particularly due to the fact that you’re reading it.

To continue from ‘filling the gaps’, I’ll be putting up my post for the Weekly Writing Challenge of ‘Cliffhanger’ soon. Perhaps 12 hours or so after this post, which is set to a 12 hour delay itself, so I can catch up on my ‘one post per day’ motive. If you are not already aware, I just gave you a clue to the answer, conclusion, aftermath, or something.

Really, I had very little for the challenge until the spirit of the moment, I thought I’d do what I’m going to do. Already in my head it’s not very exciting and I bet plenty of posters already have Grade A material. My post will be the one the teacher puts up on the board and asks “…what the f- is this? No seriously, please enlighten us on where to find your supplier.”

Nonetheless, I’ll participate for the sake of it. It’s kind of cool in a way, but I would’ve done something more extravagant if I had better prepared. Well that should be it. This ended being an introduction into the Writing Challenge. The challenge for me is blocking out the boos and swatting at urine-covered stones thrown at me.


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