Crap. It Happened Again…

Well of course I slipped up in maintaining my self-motivated “one post per day” goal I aimed for. Instead, I kind of let it slide and thought I’d make up for it with the next few days containing double posts (sometime apart from each other). I like this paragraph because it appears I’m under the illusion people are likely to read it. Haha. *pats self on back; dislocates shoulder*

Things are relatively quiet. The new year is somewhat uneventful, for me at least, so far, though soon enough things will be picking up. Picking up jokes off the top of my head? Okay.

So a woman is sitting at a bar and a male sitting nearby gets her attention.

“Hey, good looking. Mind if I buy you a drink? That way, I might be on the way to looking attractive in your eyes.” *pityful smile*

Unfortunately, the male has to decline the offer as he has a girlfriend.

Yeah, image issues aren’t funny. Blame society I say. Let’s see if I can I can come up with another.

On the sidewalk of a busy street, a male exits a cafe quickly disregarding the flow of traffic, knocking himself into a woman.

“Oh I’m so sorry. Although, angels must endure more pain when they fall from heaven. Am I right?” *sleazy look*

The male is heavily sedated, muttering these words to the attending male nurse. The woman was in a car.

Eugh, lame. Enough from me. Please don’t use those pickup lines. Please.


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