No Idea What I’m Doing

Well this is the first of many blog posts to come. I’ve never really done this and have wanted to for some time now. What it will be about, I’m not 100% but it will be something.

I wanted to start this on the day if my birthday (a ‘momentous’ one), however it totally slipped my mind and what a better way to start this uninteresting blog than on New Year’s Day itself. On that note, Happy New Year!

Now this post is a little rushed as time is ticking before the 2nd and the last hour and a half was spent struggling with this phone and Wi-Fi connectivity that wants me to suffer, so this has become more of an introductory post. Rest assured, the following ones will have more depth and appeal covering whatever is posted.

What does the blog name even mean? Sounds as if you were dropped on the head as a child.

I wish I knew. Being low on ideas leads to bad things. There is a double meaning attempt with it which I’ll explain another time, though your comment has been debated numerous times…by relatives also.

You do realise no one will read this, right?

I know I won’t be reading it.

I’m 12 years old and what is this?

(Y)our worst nightmare.

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